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1235.902.70 - Silber

€ 8,85
Date 24-02-2017
Group Inka-Gold Premium
Description Silber
Item number on package 1235.902.70
Kippers ref. 123590270
Barcode 4042972141905
Brand ViVa
Dimensions/Content 40gr
MSRP € 8,85
Publication Inspiratie 2 - 2017


Inka Gold PREMIUM is a fine paste for particularly brilliant metallic effects

Developed with nano-technology for highest gloss and more color depth; made 

of high-quality pigments for designing any absorbent or open-pore surfaces, 

such as canvas, cardboard, wood, clay, modeling pastes, and concrete. 

Inka Gold PREMIUM is distinguished by its ease of processing.

o  water-based

o  creamy consistency

o  removable in very small quantities

o  long durability 

Handling: Apply Inka Gold PREMIUM with a soft flat brush or small sponge. 

Depending on the desired color intensity, multiple, thin coats can be applied. 

Inka Gold PREMIUM dries very quickly and can be immediately polished 

to high gloss, using a soft cloth or the like.