Who is Kippers Hobby?

Kippers Hobby has been a wholesaler for art & carft supplies for many years.

In the early years we were primarily known as a supplier of the
Tri - Chem fabric paint. Especially in the 80's and 90's this was very popular. Many Dutch clients have started in that period and are still clients at Kippers Hobby.

At the end of the 90's "Card-making" took over the hobby world, followed by " Scrapping ".
Nowadays we see that a majority of our orders are for card-making and scrapping.

However, we continue to actively support the Home Decoration and Jewelry making as well.
You still will find many types of paint, all kinds of wooden and MDF products, etc. ... For jewelry making you will find lots of basic items and accessories.


Our clients are professional dealers/retailers, such as hobby shops, web shops and studios.

 Why choose for Kippers Hobby ?

  • Versatile range of products
  • Lots of creative support
  • Free support with our ' Inspiration' magazine
  • Items can be ordered per piece, so little investment
  • Fast delivery
  • Good prices
  • A professional website/ web shop

We are a transparent, friendly company and we like to have a good relationship with our clients. And above all we like to give a lot of creativity and inspiration to our customers.