Textile Hardener

Textile Hardener

Collall Textile Hardener is a versatile transparent hobby and art medium for hardening textile.

Apply Textile Hardener generously with a brush on the fabric to be shaped.  Drape the fabric over, for example, a wire model or styropor figure and bring it to the right shape. The drying time depends on the amount of Textile Hardener used. Once completely dry, the artwork is hard and waterproof. If the artwork is painted with acrylic paint, it can be placed outside once it is fully hardened.

The various materials on which the Textile Hardener can be applied are: textiles, jute, paper, yarn and all sorts of other natural materials.

Textile Hardener can also be used as glue, varnish or as basis for (textured) paint. 

COLHX250 - Collall - Textile Hardener Wit
Textile Hardener


Textile Hardener Wit