Magnetic Paint, Colorall

Size / Content: 250ml
€ 13,75
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Colorall Magnetic Paint is a waterbased, highly filled, ferrous lead-free acrylic latex paint 250 ml bottle, for 1,5 m2.

Perfect for the use inside as a wall paint, so you can stick magnets to the wall 



  • Shake well before use, if needed you can thin with max. 5% water.
  • Prepare the surface as you would with a normal wall paint.
  • Apply with a roller or brush at roomtemperature. You can apply a second layer after approx. 4 hours
  • Multiple layers ensure a stronger magnetic effect, please use strong enough magnets.  
  • To get a smoother result, slightly sand the surface before applying another layer.                         
  • After 24 hours the paint is fully dry and a topcoat can be applied, e.g. a coloured wall paint, Colorall Chalkboard Paint or a coating. Multiple topcoatings decrease the magnetic effect!          
  • Clean your tools with water and soap.

TIPS: In practically every (working) area offers Colorall Magnetic Paint an outcome. Colorall Magnetic Paint can be applied to any surface and gives no restrictions by size or color. This allows you to hang large posters, drawings and presentations without damaging the wall with pins, nails or tape!

In the kitchen shopping lists, cards and children's  drawings can be  removed quick, easy and hygienic.

Let children create their own stories and let them use their imagination on a magnetic board or an entire magic wall!

The creativity of the children is encouraged by the many possibilities that Colorall Magnetic Paint gives. Colorall Magnetic paint can be very well used in combination with Colorall Blackboard Paint, so the possibilities are even greater. Magnetic is magical!