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Colorall Koud Emaille creates a decorative enamel-like finish that can be used to embellish all kinds of objects. 

It can be used straight from the bottle and creates an end result with a beautiful glossy shine. 

The colors do not run into each other, but they can be drawn into each other with a sharp 

items such as a needle or pin. This serie contains 15 colors.

General Instructions Cold Enamel : The surfaces must be smooth, clean and dry. It must be free of dust, grease and othe irregularaties. Cold Enamel must be applied to a flat surface so the colors do not run into each other. It's not suitbale for use on  concave and convex surfaces beacause the paint will run. Allow the cold enamel to harden and dry for 24 hours. The paint will retain it's beautiful glossy shine after it has dried. Cold enamel works best at room temperature.