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1181.100.50 - Wasserlöslich, Weiß

€ 5,50
Date 22-09-2014
Group Kreativ-Creme
Description Wasserlöslich, Weiß
Item number on package 1181.100.50
Kippers ref. 118110050
Barcode 4042972173968
Brand ViVa
Dimensions/Content 250ml
MSRP € 5,50
Publication Inspiration 6 - 2014


The Kreativ-Creme has a soft and creamy structure. And is very suitable for stenciling, and most of all for creating snow effects. Glass objects can made into winter scenes very quick and easy.

How to use:

  • Your objects has to be free of dust and grease 
  • Tape the template on your object
  • Stir the cream
  • Apply a thin layer of the Kreativ-Creme on the template
  • Remove the template and clean immediately with water
  • You can also apply the Kreativ-Creme without a template , for example with the sponge.
  • Drying time up to 24 hours
  • Kreativ-Creme is easy to remove with water, so ideal for temporary (winter)decorations.