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1204.918.36 - Alt Gold

€ 6,55
Date 18-12-2012
Group Inka-Gold
Description Alt Gold
Item number on package 1204.918.36
Kippers ref. 6623
Barcode 4042972612368
Brand ViVa
Dimensions/Content 62.5 gr
MSRP € 6,55
Publication Onbekend 2017



Easy to apply wax paste with an elegant metallic shine. Especially suitable for absorbing surfaces such as Paper, untreated wood, cardboard and unglazed pottery.

  • water based
  • dries while polishing
  • smudge- and weather-proof can be sealed with Inka-Lack.


Inka-Gold Handling:

Apply Inka-Gold thinly with a sponge in a circular motion, applying and polishing simultaneously, depending on the color intensity, in several thin coatings.
You can achieve a patina effect by lightly wiping with Inka-Gold.
To apply on hard to reach places, such as 3Dobjects use a lightly moistened brush. Polish when dried.

Important to avoid impurity and to secure storage life:
Do not use Inka-Gold directly from the jar. Remove the amount of paste as needed with a clean pallet-knife for example.