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1190.451.38 - Walnut Brown

€ 5,70
Date 22-04-2010
Group Paper-Soft-Color
Description Walnut Brown
Item number on package 1190.451.38
Kippers ref. 6721
Barcode 4042972208073
Brand ViVa
Dimensions/Content 75ml
MSRP € 5,70
Publication Special Nr.2-2016 Papier
Viva Decor - Paper Soft Color


Paper Soft Color

The perfect color to create "cloud-like" and  "graduated" effects with a simple sweeping action. Soft-Color can also be used for stamping and stenciling. Clean all tools with cold water.

o ideal to be used on with paper our Atbelle paper

o apply with a soft foam brush

Processing: In the first application, the paint can be pumped in the sponge with the foam stippling brush, by pressure. Paper-Soft-Color is swabbed in circular motions onto the white paper with a foam stipler. Also ideal as stamp paint for coloring the silicon stamp.