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8001.539.48 - Rusty and Patina

€ 17,40
Date 25-03-2015
Group Rusty Paper Rost
Description Rusty and Patina
Item number on package 8001.539.48
Kippers ref. 800153948
Barcode 4042972116378
Brand ViVa
Dimensions/Content 6-delig
MSRP € 17,40
Publication Onbekend 2015


Rusty Paper

An exciting new color for creative designs in vintage style. RUSTY PAPER by Viva Decor. Almost looks like real rust with a rough surface. Water-based. Easy to apply; for painting, dabbing, wiping, using a knife or stencil. 

Beautiful in combination with the light blue color of the 3D Stempelfabre. Surfaces must be free of dust and grease.

Stirr well before use.