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Wholesale double-sided tape JEJE

Logo of JeJe product

The Dutch company JEJE provides within our wholesale business hobby tape, double-sided tape, power tape, foils, glue, stickers and hobby scattering. Especially the double-sided tape in various sizes is known for its perfect quality, the same goes for the foam version. 
JEJE Produkt is a Dutch family company founded in 1991 by the Reinders family. The name of the company is taken from the four founders namely: Joop, Eric, Joke, Elly. Since 2009, the daily management has been in the hands of Eric Reinders and Elly Pessel-Reinders. Meanwhile the products are available all over the world and more and more new hobby products are added to the assortment. After years of being housed in the center of Hilversum and expansion here was no longer possible, JEJE Produkt has been located in a contemporary commercial building since 2006, where the development and production of hobby materials and contour stickers takes place.

sticky tape jeje
power tape jeje
double-sided adhesive tape jeje
double-sided tape jeje

Wholesale double-sided tape


This tape is considered the king among various types of tape. The tape sticks on and to almost anything, making it suitable for any project.

The protective layer is plastic so the tape must be cut to size with a knife or scissors. Available in rolls in various widths and in A4 size sheets. 

Sticky Tape

Extra Sticky Tape is a professional transparent double-sided strong sticky tape. 

The high pernamente adhesive strength make this product ideally suited not only for sticking together various types of hobby products but also:

  • Making edges on cards and decorating with glitter
  • Objects of glass, pottery and wood fitted with sequins or color stones, among others
  • Due to its strong adhesive strength, it is also suitable for porous objects such as plaster, stone and fabric

Foil printing with tape

Tape is an indispensable hobby tool which you prefer to hide well. But did you know that you can also use tape creatively by showing it in the end result? The video below shows how you can apply a shiny metallic layer (foil printing) to your card using tape.

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