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Marianne Design January 2023, #121

Marianne Design July 2022

We like to bring some spring into the year 2023 with these fun January 2023 collection!

sample card Marianne Design January 2023 valentine
marianne design #121 January 2023

Download free PDF of The collection #121

Spring gnomes

Spring gnomes

The gnomes are back and get to work in the garden with a wheelbarrow and watering can. They plant new flowers and enjoy the sunshine.

Seed pocket Craftable

The Seed pocket Craftable is very nice to use with this theme. You can put flower seeds in here and the little templates included in the set also go very nicely with the gnomes.

Flower frame

We also have a beautiful rectangle in the collection that lets you create beautiful cards in no time. Tilt the frame and choose a pretty picture or other fun subject in the frame.

Because gnomes also fit in nicely here. We have made a cheerful flower cut-out sheet to get you started. 

And with the paperset Fleurige groetjes van Marleen, you immediately have beautiful basic colours and designs and matching texts for your card.

Creatable flowers and grass border

There are new flower templates in the Creatable series that you can combine with the new tall grass border from the Craftable series.

This tall grass border highlights very nicely that the gnomes are not that big. And this one is also nice to use in combination with Eline's animals.

To make it complete, the Garden soil Craftable is also very nice with it. This way the gnomes have a soil to stand on and plant their flowers.

creatable watering can

Creatable watering can

The new Creatable flowers are also fun on their own in the new garden watering can. You can fill it with a cheerful bouquet. And with the matching text template, you can make a colourful card for any occasion.

The Craftable field flowers from previous collections also fit very nicely in this new watering can.

Gnomes cutting sheets

If you are not so into stamping and colouring, the Gnomes also come out on two cute cut-out sheets this spring.

The tile embossing folder is a fun base for a cheerful Gnome card.

You can dress up the pictures on the two new cut-out sheets in all sorts of ways.

clover sample card-marianne-design


The new big clover is great fun to apply to your cards. It can also be held by Eline's pets.

Peek-a-boo cards

Further in the mould series, we have a nice Mini-slimline base for peek-a-boo cards. You can make all kinds of cards with this base because you punch out the circles separately with a fixed template.

The collection #121

In the February issue of Marianne Magazine, we will be featuring many more fun applications with January's templates.


The new heart is a fun subject on your card. Use it as a frame or simply as decoration for one of the fun matching text stamps.

We have texts around the heart and love and yet they are applicable for all kinds of occasions. You'll want this set again too!

Silhouette art

With the new Silhouette art stamp series, you can explore all kinds of stamping techniques in an approachable way. You only need two stamps to make a nice card already!

Mini slim-line cards

A twig and a background. And the new mini-slimline has the perfect base for this. Play around with colours on the background and easily print the stamps in black with your stamp tool.

Give it a try! Stamping can be great fun without getting your hands dirty right away!
And you can easily make a whole series of cards.

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