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Marianne Design June 2024, #138

Marianne Design June 2024

The Marianne Design June collection is a radiant collection.
Full of goodies, beach scenes and a sporty touch
we are already looking forward to next summer.

Marianne Design June 2024, #138
Marianne Design June 2024, #138

Download free PDF of The collection #138

Marianne Design June 2024, #138
Marianne Design June 2024, #138
Marianne Design June 2024, #138

We have a new paper pad with cheerful Summer shades.
New is the matching 'Cardstock' paper pad with double-sided colors and sturdier 250-gram paper.
So you can make matching double-folded cards and use the sturdier paper for your die cuts in combination with the designer paper.

To also have a good base for our stamps we now have smooth white stamp paper. This way you will always have a nice tight clear print of your stamp.

And also important! The paper is suitable for use with alcohol markers. Your ink and color work will not flow on this paper.

In the food theme, we come up with snacks and ice cream! As our theme with the Pan from several years ago shows, food is also a fun topic for card making.

You can do a lot of things with them for all kinds of occasions. We couldn't show them all in our brochure.

The new Creatables you can build up in colors and decide how to shape your ice cream, burger or fries. Will you make a double cheeseburger or water ice creams in different colors?

That's up to you. And with fun matching stamp texts, it's back to having fun making cards.

Marleen again provides beautiful additions to Eline's animals in the June collection.

With a sailboat and new Craft stencil, the little animals can go on an adventure and out to sea!

This year the Olympic Games are in Paris and with Marleen's sports accessories, mice (and other little animals) can compete and go for that gold medal.

You now get the large Champion cup as a gift in the Collectable plus set, please note stock is limited!
Out = out!

Marianne Design June 2024, #138
Marianne Design June 2024, #138

We also come up with some great designs for the base of your card.

So we have Letter stencils for Father's Day or for Grandpa or Grandma. If you prefer to work with a layout we have two new sizes in the Craftable series.

If you prefer to make your own backgrounds then we have new Mask stencils to make a background with your ink for Eline's animal stamps or collectable animals.

Finally, we come with new cutting sheets. Ovals and rectangular images for all kinds of occasions and for those who already want to start working on their Christmas cards.

These size places fit perfectly on the LR0607 and LR0608 by Anja van Laar and that's why we have a special 2 = 1 offer with them.

And yes, the rectangular plates also fit into the LR0788 A6 rectangle from a while ago

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