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Americana Acrylics 59ml, Santa Red

DecoArt Americana Acrylics, the leading choice in the world of acrylic paints for over 35 years, is trusted by countless painters and hobbyists worldwide. Available in more than 200 colors, this versatile acrylic paint is perfect for a variety of art expressions, hobbies and creative projects.

SKU: 26692
Manufacturer's Item No.: DA170-3
Bar code: 016455270301
Minimum order: 1
Date: 18-12-2007

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Water-based acrylic paint.
Artist-tested approved substrates: wood, walls, canvas, terra cotta, paper, styrofoam, unglazed ceramics, metal and stone.
Not approved for outdoor use.

Finish: Matte.
Body (viscosity): Medium.
Coverage: varies by color.
Non-bakeable for dishwasher safe finish.
Average drying time to touch: 20-30 minutes (may vary with temperature, humidity, etc.).
Drying time to full cure: 5-7 days (may vary depending on temperature, humidity, etc.).

Directions for use: shake well. Apply with a brush or sponge.
For pouring techniques, mix the paint 1:1 with DecoArt Pouring Medium for best results.
Easy to clean with soap and water.