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Hobby wood

Wholesale wooden hobby materials

Are you looking for a wholesaler of hobby materials which hobby wood / blank wooden articles distributes? Then you've come to the right place.
At our hobby wholesaler, you will find a wide range of basic wooden materials. Such as blank wooden boxes, craft wood and decoupage figures such as wooden trays. But also the well-known wooden tea boxes, blank children's suitcases, MDF figures and other wooden decoration.
Read on quickly to see what you can craft with these wooden craft materials.

hobby wood wooden boxes
wooden key ring heart box mother's day
Christmas card wood ice cream sticks
wood burning monstera DIY
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Hobby wood brands

Our hobby wood range consists of several well-known brands.
Click on a logo and find out what this brand has to offer.

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Kippers Hobby
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Pronty Crafts

What can I tinker with wood?

Below, we have categorised what you can craft with wood.
It is often nice to craft around a theme, for example a season (crafting spring) or a holiday (crafting for Easter, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day).
You can also purposefully craft something for a loved one (craft for dad's birthday).

Table of contents what to do with wood

Crafting with wood for beginners

Crafts with wood for adults

Crafts with wood for children

blank wooden birdhouse
blank wooden box
wooden Christmas tree
blank children's suitcase
blank wooden train
wooden flower vase

Crafting with wood for beginners

Common questions to us are: "is wood burning difficult?" or "what can you craft quickly?".
Hobbying with wood is a very suitable hobby for beginners. You need fairly little and relatively cheap hobby material for quick results.
Below, we give crafting tips on what you can craft with wood.

Crafts with wood for adults

You would like to craft something with wood but don't know exactly what. Browse Pinterest for craft ideas for adults, for example decorations for the home. Crafting with wood is a great hobby for adults! But what can you actually do with wood? On this page, we will give you tips on what you can do with wood.

Painting on hobby wood

The simplest technique that gives quick results is painting the blank wooden object. We have a wide range of basic wooden materials you can paint. For example, wooden discs, wooden vases and even wooden Christmas trees.
Besides wood, we also have MDF figures in our hobby range and decowood. These materials are also very suitable for painting with paint. The most suitable paint for painting hobby wood is acrylic paint.
image wooden book decoupage napkins
© Elly de Waal

Decoupage napkins on wood

Wooden items are also great for making decoupage figures.

How do you work with decoupage?
Finish the blank wood with white gesso or white acrylic paint. This will keep the napkin colours bright. 
Let dry and then apply the napkin glue. 
Include the edges as well. Let the glue dry slightly.
Peel the napkin and then place the napkin on the glue. Gently rub the napkin, also working away creases and other bumps.
Let dry and apply another thin layer of glue as a protective varnish.

Decoupage supplies

  • Decoupage glue
  • Decoupage paper (napkins)
  • Decoupage surface (e.g. wood or glass)
  • Flat soft brush

    Tip: use a sanding block to neatly sand the edges of the napkin after gluing.

image birdhouse wood engraving wood burner
© Elly de Waal

Wood engraving with a wood burner

Our wooden hobby items are also beautiful blank. To still give it your own look, wood-burning is a very nice hobby. Wood burning is very relaxing and you can easily give wooden objects a personal touch. For example, make a personalised baby gift by burning the baby's name onto a wooden box. Wood burning also gives a very professional result right away.

How to engrave wood?
You can engrave wood in different ways. One convenient way to engrave wood yourself is with a wood burner. With a fancy word, they also call a wood burner a pyrography set. The possibilities within wood burning are endless. Besides wood, you can also use it to engrave leather.
The wood burner in our range from Stafil comes with a total of 19 attachments + a cutting blade. So you can endlessly vary fine and coarse designs.
Beware: the metal of the wood burner gets very hot, so caution is advised. Especially with children around.
Swapping dots? Let the previous one cool down first, before putting on another dot.

Embosing on wood

What not everyone knows is that you can also emboss on wood. The technique works the same as on paper.
On the brand page of WOW embossing is to read more about the embossing technique.

Acrylic pouring on wood

Acrylic pouring can be done over wood in addition to canvas.
In the video below from DecoArt wooden Easter eggs are painted with pouring.

Photo transfer to wood

Transferring a photo to wood is also a fun crafting tip! To print a photo on wood, use a photo transfer medium. On the brand page of Viva Decor is a video on how to easily transfer a photo to wood yourself.

Mosaics on wood

Another way to decorate your wooden article is through mosaic. You can stick small pieces of ceramic onto the wood yourself, but we also have ready-made mosaic tiles made of glass. These mosaic tiles of Stafil are available in both square and round in beautiful colours. Besides mosaic tiles, you also need glue and grout for mosaicing on wood. All these mosaic supplies are available in our range.

wire figures
string art set rose

String art on wood

What is string art? Literally translated, it is string art; making string figures is also called string art. But how do you make these string figures?
First, you sketch a pattern on the wood with pencil. Then hammer several nails into the wood at the edge of your pattern. Between these nails you stretch yarn.
Above are examples of a string figure. String art can also be made with chunkier rope, string art in a new guise.

String art supplies:

  • Wooden product
  • Nails
  • Thread (yarn or cord)

Dots on wood

Dots on porcelain is a very relaxing hobby, but of course you can also dot on wood. For this, you don't use porcelain paint but acrylic paint.

image table dots on wood

Crafts with wood for children

wooden figures baby room
© Elly de Waal
wooden shapes nursery
© Elly de Waal
crafting with wood children's room
© Elly de Waal

Hobby with wood

You can hobby with wood with and for children. For example, you can paint wooden figures for the baby's room.
Or decorate wooden shapes for the children's room, or animal figures made of MDF, for example.
Crafting with wood is a lot of fun for a child. And crafting with wood is an original idea for a children's party! 
You soon have a nice result.
Below, we give some tips on how to decorate wood with children.

decorate wooden key rings

Decorating wooden key rings

Our range includes round wooden key rings and in a heart shape. You can decorate these as you like. In the example above, Elly has decorated the wooden key rings with beads. To attach the beads, use a glue gun. The empty spaces between the beads are filled with the glitter liner from Viva Decor.

decorating a wooden box

Decorating a wooden box

You can decorate a wooden box into a pretty jewellery boxes or treasure box.
For this, use paint, mosaic or rhinestones, stickers, beads, stencils or napkins, for example.
wooden birdhouse painting

Painting a wooden birdhouse

Our hobby wood can be found in many different shapes, including wooden birdhouses. Let the kids paint the birdhouses to their liking. Because crafting for the garden is always a good idea!
blank wooden mirror

Crafting princess mirrors

It is also fun to use the theme of your children's party as a theme for crafting with wood. For example, for a princes or princesses party, it is a nice idea to decorate wooden mirrors. We also have blank wooden mirrors available in various variants.

photo frame craft

Photo frames craft

Crafting with wooden picture frames is guaranteed to be a great success. Besides a crafting activity, you have immediately made a nice thank-you gift. Tip: take a photo of all the children and give it in the homemade photo frame at the end of the party as a thank-you gift.

craft kit

Ready-made wood craft kit

Still not inspired enough after our tips? Then we also have ready-made craft kits made of wood in our range.

Craft ideas with wood

At KippersHobby, in addition to a large hobby range, you will also find lots of creative inspiration to get started yourself.
Take a look at our DIY page with crafting ideas with wood and other hobby materials. This page is updated regularly. 
From time to time, we offer free DIY inspiration. Want to be the first to know about our crafting ideas?
Sign up to KippersHobby with no obligation by clicking the yellow 'sign up' button.

Which hobby wood does wholesaler KippersHobby have in its range?

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