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Hobby tape

Wholesale hobby tape

Are you looking for a wholesaler of hobby materials that distributes hobby tape? Then you have come to the right place.
Our tapes from JEJE are known to be of perfect professional quality. All our other tapes are also of good quality and we offer them in a wide range. These include double-sided tape, single-sided tape, tape in a dispenser or decorative tape such as washi tape.

Double-sided tape

Sticky tape

Extra Sticky Tape is a professional transparent double-sided strong adhesive tape. 

The high pernamente adhesive strength makes this product ideally suited for not only sticking together various types of hobby products but also:

  • Making borders on cards and decorating with glitter
  • Objects made of glass, pottery and wood fitted with sequins or coloured stones, among others
  • Thanks to its strong adhesive strength, also suitable for porous objects such as plaster / stone and fabric

Foam tape

Foam tape is used for all kinds of applications, think of making 3D cards, paintings and shuffle cards. Foam tape is available in thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 2 mm on a roll of 2 metres long x 12 mm wide, in white and black.

Besides sticking, you can also sprinkle the tape with glitter or sand. This is how you create your own sticker.

Tip: Use a hobby knife to remove the protective layer from Foam and foam tape.
Insert the tip into the protective layer and you can remove it so easily.

Power tape

This tape is considered the king among different types of tape. The tape sticks on and to almost everything, making it suitable for any project.

The protective layer is plastic so the tape must be cut to size with a knife or scissors. Available in rolls in various widths and in A4 size sheets. 

Duct tape

Duct tape is a self-adhesive and waterproof type of textile-based adhesive tape. The tape can be torn off by hand. Available from us in sizes 4m x 38 or 19 mm and in the following colours:

  • Duct tape black
  • Duct tape white
  • Duct tape red
  • Duct tape grey

Use and applications of duct tape
Besides repairing, sticking or bundling materials with duct tape, you can also use duct tape for crafting. You can use it to reinforce and repair book spines, mark (various colours) books (methods) or routes, fix and secure cords. You can also use Duct tape to make decorative accessories. For example, bracelets, purses, flower pins and bags. Combine the wide with the narrow tape for a beautiful result.

Tissue tape

Tissue tape is double-sided tape that you can tear off by hand. This double-sided tape is thin and therefore very flexible.

Easy-to-tear tape

Like tissue tape, our easy-to-tear tape as the name suggests easy to tear by hand. 
This tape is available in widths of 3, 6, 9 and 10 mm.

Tape dispensers

wholesale tape rollers tape dispensers

Tape rollers


Within our wholesale hobby products, we also offer various types of tape dispensers, also called tape roller or tape runner. Mainly Scrapbook Adhesive by 3L is known for a very wide collection of tape dispensers.

Correction tape

A correction tape in dispenser, also called correction roller, is designed to correct handwritten text. Rolling the correction tape over the text creates a white layer over the text so that the correct text can be written over it again.

Decorative paper tape

Washi tape

Washi tape is a masking tape, originally from Japan. Washi tape is very easy to tear and can also be easily removed while retaining its stickiness.
Washi tape is mainly used for decorative purposes. For example, when wrapping presents, while decorating your journal or on your homemade card. You can also wrap it around your pencil or tea candles, for example.

Washi tape can be found with us in all kinds of designs.
In the above example, washi tape from Karin Joan by StudioLight to see, but also URSUS, Leane Creative and Hobby & Crafting Fun offer a collection of washi tapes.

color me tape

Color me tape

You can colour the colour-me-tape yourself with pencil, pen or marker. We recommend the PITT Artist markers from Faber Castell.
You can use this decorative tape to decorate your candles, bullet journal or card, for example.

floral tape flora tape

Flower tape

Which hobby tape does wholesaler KippersHobby have in its range?

Double-sided tape

Decorative tape

Tape in a dispenser

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