Corona update

Hobby and ... Corona Proof ...

In these annoying Corona times with many different restrictions,

it is important to continue to function creatively and above all positively, which is not always easy.

A webshop will probably experience less loss than a physical store with other costs. 

Exhibitions have disappeared, workshops can be very limited or no longer taken place at all. 

Yet there is certainly perspective in the creative sector. 

Keep in touch with your regular customers through regular emails or a small flyer in which you offer DIY sets, for example. 

Or products aimed at children ........ 

If you are able to make a video of your store with your specific offer, post this on Facebook, for example. But let everyone know and see. 

The holidays are coming, then making decorations, gifts, etc. is a party itself, go along with that and let your assortment be inviting. 

It is also nice for you as an entrepreneur to get started with these preparations and more positive than just misery to hear and read. 

And after all, that also applies to the consumer. 

We wish you strength where necessary, good luck and above all: stay healthy!

Warm regards from the
KippersHobby team.


09-11-2020, 10:06