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Wholesale craft glue Collall

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Within our wholesale business, Dutch hobby brand Collall is our supplier of mainly craft glueUnder the name Collall chemical factory, Collall was founded in Haarlem in 1949. Do you love making cards, scrapbooking or are you an all-round tinkerer? Then you are bound to use a high-quality glue. 

The various adhesives from Collall are suitable for many applications such as mosaics with special mosaic adhesivebookbinder's glue, textile glue for processing various fabrics, making photo books with the strong Collall photo glue and, of course, the famous craft glue.
In addition to glue, Collall also offers hobby paint, ink and more hobby products. Special Collall hobby products such as the 3D kit, krimpie, transfer medium and ducktape are not missing from our wide range of Collall's best adhesives.

wholesale craft glue collall
cold enamel paint collall
collall hobby adhesives

Creative ideas with Collall

DIY home deco clay
Get rid of the dishes
clay cats halloween collall glue
Halloween kittens
diy craft idea Halloween bat cardboard
DIY Halloween
cold enamel paint collall
Key ring with cold enamel paint


Make a drawing or trace an image onto shrink wrap and colour it in, preferably with Krimpie Markers. Cut out the image and, if the result is to be used as a key ring or piece of jewellery, make a hole with a hole punch beforehand. Ask an adult to place the picture on a piece of aluminium foil in a preheated oven at 175°C. The heat will cause the image to curl and then lay flat again. Then it can be removed from the oven with the aluminium foil. Let it cool immediately under a heavy object, e.g. a book, until it hardens.

Your image is now 3 times smaller and 9 times thicker!

Hobby paints and inks from Collall

aquatint ecoline collall

AquaTint - liquid water colour

AquaTint is a highly concentrated liquid watercolour with high-quality dyes.
Aquatint adds colour to paper, filter paper, tissues, cardboard (egg cartons), wood, and other absorbent materials (cotton balls/discs).
Many techniques are possible using: brush, drip-pipette, straw blowing, splash window, spray bottle, refill-brush and wax crayons.

Suitable for children from 3 years of age.

cold enamel paint collall

Cold enamel paint

Colorall Cold Enamel gives a decorative finish that allows you to embellish all kinds of objects with a glossy end result as if it were enamel. Cold Enamel can be used straight from the bottle. The colours do not blend automatically. To mix the colours, use a pointed object like a needle or pin. The series consists of 15 colours.

General instructions for use Cold Enamel

The surface must be smooth, dry and clean. Free of dust, grease and other irregularities. Work only on flat surfaces. Always test paint on a test piece first. Allow Cold Enamel to cure and dry thoroughly, about 24 hours. 

The paint retains its brilliant shine after drying. Use a paint apron when enamelling. Cold Enamel is best processed at room temperature. Stains cannot be washed out!

Hobby glue from Collall

photo glue

Photo glue

Photo glue is a semi-transparent glue based on natural rubber.

Photo adhesive properties:
repositionable, fast adhesive, glue residues easily rubbed off.

Chemical characterisation:
natural rubber dissolved in boiling point petrol.

- Thick liquid
- Transparent/ cloudy
- Strong boiling point petrol smell

bonding of paper, cardboard, cork, textiles, leather, photos. Glued objects can be easily removed later.
Caution: glue contains solvent and can therefore damage (varnished) objects. Try out photo glue in an (invisible) place first. This also applies to photos.

Do not treat with water, but remove with (boiling point) petrol or Collall Glue Thinner for Photo Glue.

all purpose glue collall

All purpose glue

All glue is a transparent solvent-based glue.

Properties of all-purpose glue: moisture and water resistant, heat and cold resistant. Fast-drying, strong bonding.

Applicationbonding of paper, cardboard, cork, wood, textiles, glass, stone, ceramics, leather, felt, polystyrene foam and various plastics.

Note: solvent-based glue may corrode (lacquered) objects.

craft glue collall

Craft glue

Collall Hobby Glue is a water-based, viscous, transparent glue


  • Clear transparent liquid
  • Odourless
  • Reversible
  • Acid-free

Solvent: Water

Main ingredient: Polyvinyl alcohol

PH (acidity): +/- 7

Specific gravity: 1.06 kg/dm³

CE*: yes
*With the CE-marking indicates to the European Union that a product is safe for consumers and the environment.

Glue consumption: Depending on the suction of the materials to be bonded, approx. 150 g per m2 applied on one side.

Application: Bonds paper, cardboard, cork, wood, textiles, foam, polystyrene foam, light plastics, ceramics and stone. For hobby, office and school.

Processing: The materials to be glued should be dry. The adhesive can be applied on one or both sides. 

Allergens: Contains CMIT/MIT. May cause an allergic reaction.

Suitable for: Children 3 years and over. Product contains bitter substance. 

Cleaning: Easily washable with cold or hot water by hand or in the washing machine.

3D kit glue collall

3D Kit

3D glue and 3D sealant are different names for Collall's transparent, elastic filling silicone glue.

Features of 3D Kit:
3D glue produces a completely transparent, flexible, water-resistant and thick adhesive film.
Chemical characterisation:polydimethylsiloxane
Appearance: transparent thick glue with specific odour (acetic acid)
Application: gluing paper, cardboard, wood, polystyrene foam, plastic on various substrates. As the glue dries in the thick form to which it is applied, 3-dimensional creations (3D) can easily be made
Suitable for: children from 6 years
Stains: if the stains are still wet, they can be washed off with acetone or white spirit

bookbinding glue collall

Bookbinding glue

Versatile white PVAc glue for gluing cardboard, paper and textiles. This strong glue dries transparent and remains flexible. Especially intended for binding and repairing books.

Also suitable for scrapbooking, canvas preparation and as a binder for paints.

Instructions for use:
Glue in one side, pressing well. Dilute with water if necessary. Moisture-resistant and solvent-free. Store cool and frost-free.

If the stains are still wet, they can be removed and washed out with cold water



Eco glue is a natural low-cost yellowish/brown glue based on potato dextrins dissolved in water.

Appearance eco-glue:

  • Yellow to light brown transparent
  • sweet smell
  • Reversible
  • Easy to wash out

Eco-glue properties:
Natural and economical glue for bonding light materials. 

Chemical characterisation: Potato dextrins boiled in a water solution.

Solvent: Water

Main ingredient: Dextrin

PH: +/- 6

Specific gravity: 1.26 kg/dm³

CE: yes

Glue consumption: Depending on the suction of the materials to be bonded, approx. 200 g per m2 applied on one side.

Application: Bonding of paper and cardboard and other light materials. For hobby, school and office.

Processing:  The materials to be glued should be dry. The parts to be glued should be free of dust and dirt. The adhesive can be applied with a brush be applied. Preferably use at room temperature. Let the parts to be bonded evaporate and then press firmly together.

Drying time: approx. 60 minutes, on a non-absorbent substrate at a temperature of 20 C.

Allergens: -

Suitable for: Children 3 years and over. Contains bitter substance. 
Warning! Contains a preservative not suitable for children under three years of age.

Cleaning: When the glue is still wet, the tools can be cleaned with water. If desired, a synthetic detergent can be added to the water. Traces of dried glue can be soaked in water and then be easily removed/washed off.

Transfer medium

With Collall Transfer Medium, you can place your own printed images on all kinds of objects and materials.

In 7 steps, we explain how to use transfer medium:

  1. Print image with laser printer in mirror image. Cut out the image generously, leaving approx. 3 mm around it.
  2. With a gentle brush or sponge brush the front of the print generously with Transfer Medium.
  3. Stick the print (image downwards) onto the object (e.g. t-shirt) and press firmly. Remove excess glue immediately with a damp cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly, min. 12 hours.
  4. Thoroughly moisten the paper with water and soak for about 10 minutes.
  5. With your fingers, gently rub off the wet paper layer. The image now becomes visible, allow to dry well. Lacquer the image with Transfer Medium, fine paper residue (white haze) will disappear and it gives a beautiful end result.
  6. For use on textiles, ceramics, glass and wood. 
  7. Textiles treated with Transfer Medium can be hand-washed to max 30 C.

Decoating adhesive VernisColle

Transparent glue for applying decoupage decorations. Adheres to paper, cardboard, textiles, canvas, wood, stone and various plastics. Process with soft brush, sponge brush or roller.

Varnish Vernisfix

Transparent varnish/fixative for waterproof coating of decoupage decorations. Adheres to paper, cardboard, textiles, canvas, wood, stones and various plastics. Process with soft brush, sponge brush or roller.

Mosaic adhesive

Collall Mosaic Adhesive is specially developed to glue glass and ceramic mosaic. The adhesive dries quickly and transparently and is also water-resistant.

Instructions for use:
Apply enough glue to the mosaic, let it dry for a while and then stick the mosaic to the substrate.

Only wet glue stains can be removed with warm water.

Not suitable for outdoor use.

Textile glue

Textile glue is a water-based white glue PVA-c glue.

Textile glue properties:
fast bonding gives a flexible and water-resistant adhesive film

white, low-odour liquid adhesive

Glue textile to paper, cardboard, cork, wood and textiles. Glue for hemming clothes, repairing tent cloth, gluing beads to textiles (clothing). Do not wash glued textiles hotter than 40°C

if the stains are still wet, they can be washed off and out with cold water.

Adhesive eraser

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