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Faber Castell

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Within our wholesale business, Faber Castell is among the absolute top brands in drawing and colouring. Faber Castell is produced in Germany to a high standard.

The scope covers a wide range; a colouring book, mixed media, scrapbooking, card making or for artist or professional use.
This very extensive range starts with drawing pencils in various hardnesses and auxiliaries such as pencil cases, erasers, erasers and Faber Castell pencil sharpener, coloured pencils, with hard and soft point, for water colouring, for example, but also markers for manga drawing. 

KippersHobby has an extensive collection of the Faber Castell brand in its range for various techniques.
For watercolouring, use the Albrecht Dürer Magnus and Goldfaber watercolour pencils.
Sketching and drawing is a joy with the pencils from the Castell (Jumbo) 9000 series or with the graphite/charcoal pencils and fountain pencils. 

Are you a real colour lover? Then in the series of the Black Edition, Castle, Faber Castell Polychromos, Goldfaber, Pitt Monochrome and the PITT pastel pencils you will find the most beautiful colours. Besides the pencils from Faber Castell, in the KippersHobby webshop you will also find various watercolour, text and metallic markers, felt tip pens, drawing pens, textile pens, Creative Studio oil pastels, crayons and watercolour water colours.

Eye-catching gift sets in wooden and tin boxes are available with the most beautiful colour palettes. A valuable, long-lasting gift for years of drawing and colouring fun. Fun to give, even more fun to get!

Pitt artist pen faber castell
black edition coloured pencils faber castell
highlighters markers faber castell
coloured pencils polychromos Faber castell

Faber Castell coloured pencils

Picture polychromos 120
Faber Castell - Polychromos 120

Polychromos pencils from Faber Castell

Polychromos artists' coloured pencils can be used on many levels thanks to their high quality, such as in the graphic or artistic field or for free application, as on detailed colouring of plans and stamps.

  • 121 colours, available individually
  • High-quality pigmentation for unsurpassed light resistance and colour brilliance
  • Wipe-and-waterproof, soft pencil lead for extremely fine results
  • Unbreakable thanks to special bonding
  • Dilute or remove only using white spirit (also available in odourless variant at the hardware store).

Faber Castell Black edition pencils

Colouring pencils from the Black Edition series. The pencils have a trendy and exceptional look. This super-soft pencil provides very smooth, gentle colour distribution. Brilliant, eye-catching colours. Made of high-quality black wood. This series of pencils have an ergonomic triangular shape. The pencils have a special (SV) bonding to prevent the lead from breaking. This set consists of 36 pencils in tin case.

Faber Castell Goldfaber colour pencils

The Goldfaber colour pencils have a 3.3 mm break-resistant core, encased in wood, in a round design. High-quality pigments with excellent tinting strength and lightfastness. Full colour transfer and smooth action. Clear and waterproof. Available in 48 colours. Holder lacquered in blue and back lacquered in the colour of the pencil.

Pitt Monochrome

Artist pencils with grease content have an exceptionally smooth stroke with a silk-matt surface, moreover, they are non-erasable and only marginally erasable. 

  • Top quality Pitt Oil Base artists' pencil
  • Stain-free and water-repellent
  • Available in 5 different degrees of hardness
  • Ideal for contours and fine details
  • Degree of hardness: hard

Pitt pastel pencils

PITT pastel pencils have a high pigment content, are wax- and oil-free and are perfect for fine details in pastels. Only minimal fixation is required, allowing pastel drawings to retain their vibrancy of colour. Excellent light resistance and brilliant colours. Ideal for fine and intricate details. Can be sharpened with a razing knife or grinders.

Pastel pencils are high quality with an extra thick holder (ø 4.3 mm).
The pencils are greaseproof and fully erasable, but must be fixed. The total of 60 colours are highly pigmented with great tinting strength and possess equally excellent light resistance and colour stability when fixed.

Suitable for lines, hatching, fine paint gradient, as well as flat drawing. The pencils can only be tipped with a knife blade.

colouring pencils Faber castell

Faber Castell watercolour pencils

Albrecht Dürer water colour pencils

Colour pencil and watercolour paint in one. Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils are durable in use because of the high pigment concentration. The colours are highly lightfast and have a beautiful sheen. In sets of 12, 24, 36, 60 and 120 and loose in 100 colours.


  • Watercolour pencil made of high-quality pigments
  • Range consisting of 120 colours
  • The colours are brilliant, lightfast and fully water-soluble
  • Extra shatterproof

Albrecht Dürer Magnus Watercolour pencils

The Albrecht Dürer Magnus highly pigmented watercolour pencil has an extra-thick core diameter of 5.3 mm. Its soft substance and high colouring power allow you to draw and colour in large areas very quickly and easily. As the pencil is extra thick and easily emits colour, the wrist is spared and you can continue using it effortlessly even after a long time. A colour pencil that lives up to its name!

Product details Albrecht Dürer Magnus Watercolour pencil:

  • Watercolour pencil with an extra-thick core diameter of 5.3 mm
  • High light fastness of all 24 colours
  • High-quality pigments, soft substance with high tinting strength
  • Perfectly differentiable with water
  • Ideal for drawing and colouring large areas very quickly and easily
  • Available in 24 distinct colours and various metal cases

Goldfaber water colour pencils

Watercolour pencil, 3.3 mm break-resistant core, wood-framed, hexagonal design. Fully water-soluble. High-quality pigments with excellent colour strength and lightfastness. Available in 48 colours. Holder lacquered in blue and back lacquered in the colour of the pencil.

What is a waterbrush?

A waterbrush is a kind of pen/brush with a water reservoir.
You fill the reservoir with water and can make water flow into the 'brush' by pressing. By pressing harder or softer, you can regulate the amount of water. It takes some getting used to the fact that you no longer need a water pot, but it works very well.


Faber Castell pens

Besides pencils, Faber Castell has a wide range of pens and markers in its collection. For colouring, marking or handlettering. In many beautiful shades, for young & old creative talents!

fabercastell felt-tip pens

Felt pens

For every situation: for large colour areas there are wide felt tip pens, for drawing fine lines and highlighting details there are thin pens.
- Ink is easy to wash off with soap - washes out of most fabrics at 30 degrees - strong tip

Pitt artist pens and markers

The drawing pen with very flexible brush tip for sketches, studies, drawings, inscriptions, designs and layouts. The pens have high-quality pigmentation with excellent colour strength, high lightfastness, waterproof, permanent, good ink flow and even colour release. Odourless, acid-free and Ph neutral.

fabercastell pitt artist

KippersHobby offers an extensive collection of Pitt artist pens and markers from the Faber Castell brand. Ranging from the Manga series of pens, brush pens, metallic pens, soft brush pens to the permanent pens. Also available in various sets. 

fabercastell pitt manga

Faber Castell oil pastels

The oil-based pastel crayons offer wonderful possibilities of applying very intense, strong colours and delicate pastel shades. Because of their high brightness, the crayons are ideal for encaustic ('burning in' or melting with an iron) as various pastel techniques. Depending on the desired artistic effect, you can use your finger to wipe them off or mix them with a brush and turpentine (or white spirit). Available in various cases, a special line for children has also been developed.

Which Faber Castell products does wholesaler KippersHobby have in its range?

Faber Castell Pencils

Faber Castell drawing tools

Faber Castell chalk

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