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Jo Sonja's

Jo Sonja's: high quality acrylic paint

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Jo Sonja's acrylic paints are also known as the Mercedes among acrylic paints.
Jo Sonja's paint is produced in two continents: In Australia and in the USA.
Jo Sonja's carefully creates the colour palette, and qualitatively this paint is truly a gem.
Best known among decorative painters, but then highly prized by those seeking quality.
Due to its various mediums, the paint is widely applicable and can serve as a textile paint, among other things.

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Acrylic paints

Jo Sonja's acrylic paint is available in ±100 different colours.
The quality and quantity of pigments used means that Jo Sonja's acrylic paint is not the cheapest paint on the market. However, due to the high pigmentation, the paint is very economical, covers in one coat and the colours are very 'sparkling'. The paint is hand-dry within 5 minutes and cured to 80 % within 24 hours. Full curing takes about two weeks.

Jo Sonja's 
Palette Artist colours

Jo Sonja's Palette Artist Colors is acrylic paint available in ±100 colours, in 75ml tubes and 250ml bottles.

Jo Sonja's 
Background acrylic paint

Jo Sonja's Background / Potting Shed colours are specially made to easily apply a base coat in one go for all kinds of decorative purposes. Use the paint straight from the bottle as a base coat or combine with other Jo Sonja's paints for decorative effects. Jo Sonja's paints contain high-quality pigments and will therefore not fade over the years.

Jo Sonja's Iridescent acrylic paint

From the silvery brilliance of a fish to the rich colours of a peacock's feathers, Jo Sonja's Iridescents gives you the potential for many new decoration possibilities.
The paint can be applied sponging or with a brush to give more effect to parts in your work. The paint can be mixed with any other Jo Sonja's colour for a more subtle effect.


Jo Sonja's Opal dust

This transparent gel contains lots of tiny holographic glitter particles that beautifully imitate the real opal stones from Australia. This gel is available in 60 and 250 ml.

Gives a glitter effect on practically all surfaces
Does not yellow
Any visible brush strokes disappear after drying

Jo Sonja's Woodstain Gel

With Jo Sonja's Woodstain Gel, you apply a transparent tint to wood, leaving the grain structure beautifully visible.

Ideal for: patinating, satinising, "old" making techniques and other Faux Finish techniques. 60 ml is sufficient for 3.5 m².

Woodstain gel Pickling White is suitable for lightening the other Gel colours.


Jo Sonja's acrylic paint sets

Jo Sonja's also has several sets of acrylic paints in quantities of 20 0f 60 ml.

  • Colour Mixing Set
  • Creative Possibilities
  • Metallic Specialty colours
  • Vintage colour collection
  • Kit Classic collection
  • Kit Potting Shed collection
  • Kit Iridescent colour collection
  • Sample set Artist Colors
acrylic paint

What is good opaque acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint is a quick-drying paint that consists of a colouring pigment with a binder of synthetic polymer resin.
The amount of pigment determines the coverage of the paint. The quality and quantity of pigments used means that Jo Sonja's acrylic paint is not the cheapest paint on the market. However, due to the quality of the pigments, the paint is very economical, covering in one coat and the colours are very 'sparkling'.
The paint is hand-dry within 5 minutes and cured for 80% within 24 hours.

Primers and gessos

All Purpose Sealer

All Purpose Sealer is a primer with which you apply a transparent first layer to all grounds. Thanks to this primer, acrylic paint adheres perfectly to various grounds.

Gessos white and black

Jo Sonja's has both a white and black gesso in its range. This gesso is great for applying a full-coverage first coat in preparation for painting.


Jo Sonja's has many different mediums, making the acrylic paint widely applicable. The mediums are divided into five categories.

Jo Sonja's Basic medium

The basic mediums below are commonly used mediums while painting. These mediums are available in 60 and 237 ml.

Tannin Sealer

  • A medium with very good sealing and adhesion capabilities.
  • Used in conjunction with gilding/silvering techniques.

Clear Glazing Medium

  • For protecting your paintwork layer by layer.
  • For making transparent stains.
  • For sealing penetrating mediums such as cracking mediums.

Flow medium

  • For thinning Jo Sonja's paint.
  • Does not affect colour depth.
  • For perfect execution of "stroke" techniques.
  • Enables airbrushing

Retarder Medium

  • For slowing down the drying time.
  • For using the paint as a patina.

Jo Sonja's Crackle medium

With this medium, you can recreate an 'old' and 'weathered' look.

  • A stand-alone separating transparent medium that simulates old effects. The medium itself cracks, it does not separate the paint layer per se.
  • Emerged cracks are patinated for a clear effect.

Jo Sonja's special effects mediums

These are mediums that allow you to achieve special effects in your painting. All these mediums are available in 60 and 237 ml.

Gel Retarder

  • Gives you the possibilities of oil paint and the ease of acrylic paint.
  • Slows down the drying time
  • The paint remains pleasantly spreadable.
  • Ideal for imitating wood grain effects (with a wood grain comb).

Magic mix

Versatile medium for:

  • Slowing down the drying time
  • Mixing colours
  • Stroke painting
  • Drawing lines
  • Detailed painting
  • Building transparent layers
  • Protection for previous coats of paint
  • Clean brushes with cold water and soap

Kleister Medium

  • A semi-transparent medium that gives your paintwork an "old" look while preserving the wood grains.
  • Working layer by layer, you can achieve a depth effect in your overall painting.

Set of mediums

In this set, you will find six different 60ml mediums:

  • Al purpose sealer
  • Flow
  • Retarder
  • Crackle
  • Décor crackle
  • Kleister

Jo Sonja's applications mediums

These mediums give you extra possibilities for painting on surfaces such as glass and textiles, for example. There are also some special mediums in this group.

Ultracover, Black

This medium gives an ultra opaque black background.

Glass&Tile Mediums

Glass & Tile medium consists of two types of medium, A and B.

With Glass & Tile medium A you can prepare glass and ceramics. With Glass & Tile medium B you can turn acrylic paint into glass/porcelain paint. 

After painting, this medium is only suitable for decorative purposes, i.e. not for use as tableware.

In two simple steps, use Glass & Tile medium:

  • Step 1: for preparing the substrate for adhesion and to rule out firing.
  • Step 2: For mixing with Jo Sonja's acrylic paint into adhesive glass/porcelain paint.

Brush cleaner

For cleaning to keep your brushes in good condition.

Textile medium

With Textile medium, you transform Jo Sonja's acrylic paint into textile paint.

The textile dye can only be used on non-synthetic fabrics.

  • Ratio use medium: 2 parts paint and 1 part medium.
  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours, then fix to back of fabric for 2 minutes.
  • Clean brushes with soap and water.
  • Washable at 60 degrees Celsius.

Lacquers and varnishes

Jo Sonja's Decoupage varnish

  • Water-based varnish.
  • A few layers are enough for a beautiful even result with napkin decoupage.


Jo Sonja's has three types of lacquers in its range: shiny, matt and satin. Available in 60 and 237 ml.

Structure pastes

Structure pastes

Jo Sonja's has white texture paste in its range in a 325ml jar and in a 75ml tube.

Black texture paste is also available in a 75ml tube.

Features Jo Sonja's textured pasta

  • A translucent waterproof textured/decorative paste.
  • Ideal for applying textures.
  • To be used as wood filler, directly mixable a matching colour.
  • For embedding objects, such as shells, mosaic etc.


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