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Marianne Design July 2022, #115

Marianne Design July 2022

We are slowly moving from the summer collection to our fall and Christmas collections.
And in this month we have the first Winter products for Christmas cards.
But first, we also have two other topics to cover and a fun news for our fans outside the Netherlands!

sample card marianne design july 2022 #115

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marianne design collection july serenity
marianne design july 2022 flying to the stars
marianne design july 2022 stars planets
marianne design july 2022 firts snow

Serenity Collection

Paper block Serenity

The new paper bloc Serenity has 8 beautiful A4 designs and 8 matching solid colors as you have come to expect from our A4 paper. This block has soft gray and white tones that are very suitable for Greetings cards, I'm thinking of you cards and Condolence cards.

Cutting Sheet Serenity by Tiny Harts

Tiny Harts drew the matching cut-out sheet especially for these themes. The images have beautiful soft details and there is room to add a text or stamp it. In the Creatable line we come with a new text. Again, you can vary this in several ways, with or without a mat. This is all a card needs.

Although with the scalloped squares set you can make elegant quiet passe-partouts for the pictures or just a text.

But this set also does great for other occasions.

Serenity border stamp by Tiny

Tiny also drew another new stamp in the border series. The flower stamps from the June collection are also great for Strength cards, but the staircase running away into the distance is also always a favorite.

We also have the classic white calyces in the border series in the collection.

Stargazing collection

Eline's cute animals

Eline's little animals can now go look at the stars or fly into the sky with the two Collectable sets designed by Marleen.

Make cool cards with the stars and planet in the accessory set or a cute baby card with the hot air balloon. Again, these two sets give lots of fun possibilities!

If you love making your own matching background to the animals then you'll definitely want one of this month's A4 Mask stencils. With the constellations you can make the card extra personal.

Star Stencil

Star patterns are always a favorite, and did you know that you can also use the edges of the Star Stencil to create the Northern Lights on your card?

Or go for the classic with new cloud edges, raindrops and sun rays!

Marleen's collection

Circles of Marleen in English

Yes! Marleen's popular circles are now coming out in English!
Many fans from outside the Netherlands have seen all the fun examples with Marleen's circles from last year, but they couldn't join in because the circles were always with Dutch texts. But not anymore!
Marleen has designed a circle for Christmas and one for Birthdays and Celebrations. So everyone can join in again with our sample cards. Get everything out again, because of course these circles are also super cute for Dutch fans who love English.


Circles of Marleen

Marleen's big wish is a basic set to go with the Circles. This contains all kinds of handy basic sizes and decorative borders so you can always incorporate your circles nicely on your card. And she immediately included a matching alphabet set. If you already have a circle from Marleen then you'll want this one too!


Finally, another fun addition to our assortment: stickers!

We now have them in 4 fun themes. The matte finish of the stickers also allows you to color them yourself with your ink, pencils or markers. Two general sets and two fun for the Holidays.

Decorate your presents and envelopes with the stickers or incorporate them on cards, because you can do that too with the fun texts on them.

Christmas cutting sheets

Christmas cutout gnomes

As is tradition, we also come out with the first Christmas cutting sheets for the new season.

One with gnomes, fun to stick with the Tomtes again and this month's new set of twigs.

In addition, we have re-released the popular images from Els' Winter Wishes cutting sheets in mini version.

So you can make fun Shaker cards again with the Slimline Craftables.

We now have small squares in addition to the small circles and shaker snow. Of course, these fit into the slimline CR1585.

Peek-a-boo stamps

Also new are the Peek-a-boo stamps. These also fit in the large Slimline Craftables, but they are also very nice on small mini cards. For example, the mini Slimline with windows is also very nice to use with them.

ATC mold

Back in the collection is the ATC mold! This time we made a 2 in 1 set of them so you also have the matching stamp. Because ATC cards are still being made. And now you can make the nicest ATC's with the new stamps or fun existing things from your collection.

Pearl paper

For Winter cards we now also have pearl paper in our paper range. This has a subtle sheen and is also very nice to use for Condolence cards. It is of firm paper so that you can also turn out your molds with it namely.

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