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Pebeo porcelain paint and deocrative paint

Logo Pébéo

Pébéo is a French manufacturer of high-quality porcelain paints and other decorative paints.
Pébéo's various paints can be used on porcelain, glass, stone, metal, as well as textiles, wood, styropor and paper.
In our collection, you will mainly find Pébéo's decorative paints; 
Porcelaine 150, Ceramic, Fantasy Moon, Fantasy Prisme, Vitrail, Setacolor and Decospray Acrylic decoration paint in 100 ml spray can.
Besides paints, acrylic paint markers, a drawing eraser and porcelain paint markers are also available.

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Free download: Pébéo porcelain paint colour chart

For a total overview of all Pébéo porcelain paints, download our brochure for free:

Pébéo porcelain paint 150

Pébéo Porcelaine 150 porcelain paint is a quick-drying paint for glazed earthenware, porcelain and glass. The porcelain paint is available in dozens of colours in 45 ml jars and markers with a 0.7 and 1.2 tip. The colours can be mixed with each other. To get acquainted with porcelain painting, Pébéo porcelain paint sets are also available.

Instructions for use Pébéo Porcelaine 150

  • Apply the paint to a grease-free surface (make grease-free with alcohol ketone 96%)
  • Then let the paint dry and cure for 24 hours
  • Apply several layers for a full-coverage effect
  • Allow at least 1 hour of drying time between coats

Pébéo porcelain baking paint

  • Once hardened, bake in the domestic oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes
  • Baked-off items are dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand-washing for lasting beautiful results
  • Caution! DO NOT place painted objects in the microwave

Video tableware painting with porcelain paint

In the videos below, Elly shows step-by-step how to paint a crockery set with Pébéo porcelaine 150 porcelain paint.

What is the best porcelain paint?

Pébéo Porcelaine 150 can be called one of the best porcelain paints. This porcelain paint has a beautiful sheen and is pleasant to paint with because it has a somewhat transparent property. The transparency also allows you to work nicely in layers. Porcelaine Pébéo 150 is available in various colours and these colours can also be mixed well with one another.

How long should porcelain paint go in the oven?

Pébéo porcelain paint (Porcelaine 150) should be put in the oven at 150ºC for 30 minutes.
Baked-off items are dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand-washing for lasting beautiful results. Please note! Objects painted with porcelain paint may not in the microwave.

Can porcelain paint also be used on glass?

Porcelain paint is suitable for glazed earthenware and porcelain, as well as on glass.

Vitrea 160 frosting medium

In addition to porcelain paints, Pébéo also has various mediums in its range, for example Vitrea 160 Frosting medium. This gives a matt frosting appearance to colours.

Dots on porcelain

Would you like to start dots on porcelain? Inspiring templates are available within our wholesale range.

What can you dot with?

Dots on porcelain is a soothing hobby. When you start stippling, you need a few supplies.

  • Object made of glazed pottery, porcelain or glass.
  • Alcohol Ketonatus 96%. With this, you degrease your object before stippling.
  • Porcelain paint (e.g. Pébéo Porcelaine 150).
  • Dotted sticks. For beginners, satay sticks, nails, embossing pens or other round objects are also suitable.
  • Cotton swabs. With these, you can correct mistakes.
  • A domestic oven.
pebeo drawing eraser

Drawing eraser

Pébéo Drawing eraser is a peel-off liquid eraser for creating cut-outs in ink, water colour or (gouache) gouache. Also called masking fluid. Drawing eraser is available in a marker (with 0.7 or 4 mm tip) or in a 45 ml jar. From a jar, you can apply the Drawing eraser with a brush. When the liquid is thoroughly dry, you can remove it with an eraser or your finger.

Preparation Drawing Gum Marker:
Shake the marker well before use. To make the tip fill with liquid, press the tip several times on a sheet of paper.

Features Drawing Gum Marker

  • Spare tip included
  • 5.5 ml, line length of approx. 405 m
  • Dry after 10 to 15 minutes

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