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Powertex wholesale

Logo of powertex

Looking for a Powertex wholesaler? At KippersHobby you will find, among others, the Powertex textile hardener collection.
The Powertex brand is signed by Brigitte Grade, situated in Belgium.

Powertex is a water-based textile hardener, an environmentally friendly alternative to polyester. It is used to make sculptures, paintings, decorations, objects and jewelry. An important addition to this is Stone-Art, with this create your a true stone effect. With Powertex you can you harden all kinds of materials that are absorbent such as: textiles, paper, cardboard, plush, leather and fiberglass mat. Also suitable for decoupage with napkins and Powerprints.

Powertex is excellent with, concrete, stone, ceramics, wood, sand and clays. In addition, the Powertex collection further offers high quality pigments: Powercolor and Colortricx.

Powertex also provides products for making sculptures in combination with other Powertex products.

Tip: check out our frequently asked questions About Powertex.

powertex sculpture making

What is Powertex textile hardener?

Powertex textile hardener is an environmentally friendly alternative to water-based polyester, to be used for all your decorations and artwork, sculptures, paintings, jewelry etc. Powertex is a hardener for all absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, leather, plush, fiberglass mats and other preferably natural materials. Powertex mixes perfectly with sand and wood powder to create structures. The combination with Stone Art powder gives a unique self-curing modeling paste. Powertex adheres to all materials except plastic. Only sculptures or objects for outside should be protected with a waterproof varnish when fully cured (2 to 3 weeks).

powertex transparent bottle
© Powertex

Powertex transparent

In addition to transparent, Powertex is available in several colors: ultra blue, ochre yellow, red, black, green, bronze, lead, terracotta and ivory.

powerte clay stone art
© Powertex

Powertex clay

Powertex mixed with Stone Art can be a self-curing clay. This clay has a kind of papier-mâché texture. This clay can also be colored with ColorTricX and Powercolor pigments.

stone art vase powertex
© Powertex

Powertex Stone Art

Stone Art has a unique composition that creates a fun and natural stone effect especially when combined with Powertex Lead and Terracotta.

Mixed with Powertex, Stone Art gives a self-curing clay. You can sculpt or make jewelry with it.

Stone Art gives textures to your paintings.

easy 3D flex powertex
© Powertex

Easy3Dflex powder


Easy3Dflex is an inorganic filler/binder in powder form. Mixed with Powertex or acrylic paint, it can be used to apply thicker textures, 3D work in paintings or to sculpt images. Mix with palette knife or spatula and apply with brush or palette knife/spatula or sculpt by hand. The paste dries by air and becomes rock hard. Caution this medium will crack in thick layers by placing it in the sun when drying, exposing it to a heat source or adding water or bisters to the surface. These resulting cracks can give brilliant results. Spread several thin layers on top of each other to prevent cracking. Adding a little white sand also prevents cracking. In the malleable paste, all kinds of objects can be printed in fine detail. This product is not toxic but may dry out the skin a little. Gloves or hand creams are recommended.

colortricx powertex gold
© Powertex

ColorTricX metallic pigment powder


For creating special effects.

Use for images with textile hardeners, scrapbooking, cards and other applications.

Can be made with all textile hardeners, coatings and varnishes.

The Colortricx series are metallic pigments. Give your image a true bronze look or metallic effect by mixing Colortricx with Easy Varnish and then carefully brushing.

  • Any Powercolor can be made metallic by adding Powerpearl art. 0106.
  • Colortricx 0108 and 0109 are cameleon colors that change on a dark background.
power color powertex gold
© Powertex

Powercolor pigment powder


With Powercolor, color the Powertex Transparent.

With Powercolor you create much deeper colors than with paint.

For a bronze, lead or terracotta color, we recommend the ready-made Powertex colors.

The colors are intermixable. Mix the Powercolor in advance with some warm water before adding it to Powertex. This prevents clumping. All Powercolors can be mixed with Easy Varnish or Easy Coat. This allows you to make your own paint. This paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Powercolor is available in 20 colors. 

1 jar is for 1 liter of textile hardener.

powerliquid powertex


Liquidpower is a liquid, UV resistant, semi-transparent water-based pigment. (APE and VOC free, for indoor and outdoor use)

Always use Liquidpower together with a water-based binder or on a layer of wet Powertex.

Varnishing after drying time is recommended.

So always use in wet Powertex or another binding medium such as acrylic or acrylic binder or one of our varnishes.

These colors are UV resistant, however. 

Liquidpower comes in 8 colors

powerwax powertex
© Powertex


Powerwax is a water-based cold wax for mixing with pigments, metallic pigments, sand, acrylic paints, dyes and other compatible artist materials. To use in cold wax techniques, Mixed Media, glazing, photo protection, framing and furniture decoration. The proportion of Powerwax and pigment depends on the pigment itself and the artist's intended result. Powertex Powerwax is an artist grade wax with a satin protective effect for use in paintings, to fill cracks, etc. Allow to dry for several days and polish with a soft cloth. Use warm water and soap to clean materials. Contains no volatile or hazardous substances.

rusty powder powertex
© Powertex

Rusty Powder

Powder to imitate natural rust. Mix the powder with Powertex or Easy Structure and spread with palette knife or brush. Spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the surface. Repeat adding vinegar water until the desired oxidation is achieved. Allow to dry for 24 hours or longer.

3D sand balls powertex
© Powertex

3D Sand & Balls

3D Sand & Balls is a special effect sand for velvety soft looks and textures in paintings and mixed media.

powercotton powertex
© Powertex


Powercotton are long threads of 100% cotton. These are perfect for making hair with a sculpture. But you can also use it decoratively in a painting to obtain more structure. You can even make bowls with it. Cut the threads to size and rub them well with Powertex. Then apply them to your artwork. A very handy tip for easier work is the following: Twist the long strands of Powercotton around your hand and rub it with Powertex that way. This prevents you from making a mess while rubbing it in.

stockinette powertex
© Powertex


Stockinette is a very stretchy fabric. With us it is 100% cotton, therefore ideal for hardening with Powertex. We have Stockinette in white and ecru, the choice is yours. Cut the fabric to size and rub in Powertex. Be careful, your piece will be 2 to 3 times more stretchy than before. Rub or wring out the excess Powertex and drape the fabric at its best. Finish afterwards with Powercolor and Easy Varnish. Use piece of Stockinette also to print structures in your Stone Art clay or in Easy3DFlex.

powertex art fishing
powertex art fish
powertex art
powertex art
powertex art

Powertex examples & online Powertex workshops

On the YouTube channel of Brigitte Grade are several Powertex examples and online tutorials.

Powertex sculpture making and other techniques

The video below shows how to create Powertex sculptures using wire, aluminum foil, tape, fabric and Stockinette.
Pigments can be used to color the Powertex images. Canvas art and the decoupage technique are also covered in the video.

powertex artwork
powertex millstones
powertex art
powertex art
powertex artwork

Can Powertex go outside?

Yes, after curing, Powertex is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Powertex Tools: palette knives

Use appropriate tools to handle Powertex material appropriately. For example, some fine Powertex pallet knives are available in KippersHobby's assortment.

Available in different sizes for optimal effect.

powertex pallet knives
powertex pallet knife
powertex pallet knives
pallet knife paint
powertex pallet knife paint

Silicone molds from Powertex

With the silicone molds from Powertex you can make the most beautiful creations in no time! Easy to use and with guaranteed results.

powertex silicone molds
silicone mold fossil elaboration
elaboration fossil silicone mold
powertex mask toetanchamon

Frequently Asked Questions

Bister is a nut bolster color and always transparent. Bister is not UV resistant. Liquidpower is much more colorful, a water-diluted color paste that is more opaque than bister and is UV resistant. Liquidpowder has a much more colorful range.

No, it is not possible to mix Powercolors or Mica powders into Bisters. Unlike Powercolor, Bister is immediately water-soluble.

Acrylic binder is a binder for powders. It is made for mixing with pigment to make your own paints. Acrylic binder is also suitable for sticking paper to canvas.

Which Powertex products does KippersHobby have in its range?

Powertex mediums

Paper, structure & decoration

Plaster carriers

Powertex tools

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