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vegan leather

Wholesale vegan leather

At wholesaler KippersHobby you will find vegan (imitation) leather in many varieties in the collection. Plain colored, textured on one or both sides, perforated, with glitter or printed with beautiful prints. Faux leather can be used vear making trendy and useful bags, jewelry and various decorations.

Vegan (imitation) leather materials

vegan leather diy
vegan leather handbag blue
vegan leather suede cushion

Imitation leather plain

Single-sided solid colored vegan (imitation) leather from Stafil. Available in 50 x 70 cm sheets (490gr/m2). This strong artificial leather comes in an attractive color palette in our collection. 

vegan leather plain
vegan leather plain sheet
vegan leather suede cushion

Art leather suede

Double sided velour faux leather from Stafil is a synthetic material specifically designed to mimic soft suede. Popular uses for this strong and soft pleated fabric include making bags, pillows, die-cut floral and mixed media and for various decorations.

vegan leather plain double sided green
vegan leather lace platinum
vegan leather lace silver
vegan leather lace black

Vegan leather 'Lace'

Imitation leather with a lace structure. Therefore decorative to incorporate into original home accessories and fashion items. In colors platinum and silver, available in sheets of size 50 x 70 cm, 400 gr/m2.

Vegan leather 'Elephant skin'

With a leather structure reminiscent of elephant skin. This vegan leather type is therefore perfect for making elegant bags. Available in several warm shades.

vegan leather elephant skin
vegan leather elephant skin
vegan leather flower decoration
vegan leather backpack black
vegan leather bag yellow
vegan leather bag leaf

Imitation leather perforated

Faux leather which is perforated with small holes. 50x70cm 520g/m².
As a result, this vegan faux leather gives a very special effect to your creations. 

Vegan leather glitter

Colorful imitation leather from Stafil with glitter. Available in various colors in the assortment of wholesaler KippersHobby. 

vegan leather perforated
vegan leather glitter
vegan leather canestrino

Imitation leather Canestrino

Faux leather with a braided structure. This imitation leather has a unique pattern. 
In "anthracite," "ice," "espresso," "straw" and "off-white" color combinations, available in 50 x 70 cm sheets.
vegan leather canestrino sheets
vegan leather flowers
vegan leather rose
vegan leather tissue pouch brown
vegan leather bag glitter

Vegan leather with decorative printing

Decorative synthetic leather from Stafil With various beautiful full color prints. Available in sheet sizes of 50 x 70 cm.
vegan leather printed branches
vegan leather printed hummingbird black
vegan leather printed tropical leaves
vegan leather printed red flowers
vegan leather printed butterflies
vegan leather printed eifel
vegan leather printed cashmere
vegan leather printed leopard
vegan leather children's backpack
vegan leather printed bunnies balloons
vegan leather placemat

Vegan leather overview

For a complete listing of all Stafil's vegan leathers at KippersHobby
you can here download a pdf file.

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