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Starform: text stickers and theme stickers

Logo of starform

Starform B.V. is a Dutch company specialising in the design and production of decorative stickers. Starform has many years of experience in the hobby industry and has become a leading company supplying products to hobby wholesalers all over the world. It is known for originality, quality and continuous innovation. Its wide range of sticker sheets includes much sought-after images and texts related to different themes and in different languages. In addition to sticker sheets, Starform markets related items such as Starform Transfer Sheets, Starform Permanent Markers and Starform books. Starform actively anticipates developments in the market and its customer's wishes; the collection is supplemented twice a year with new, trend-oriented products. In addition to Starform text stickers Starform designs and produces all kinds of hobby stickers for the creative hobby industry. The text stickers are widely used on cards, but the wide Starform range includes more sticker sheets with original designs. Different themes are covered such as Starform stickers Christmas, holiday stickers and congratulations stickers. Text stickers for cards, outline stickers, 3D stickers, transparent stickers and glitter stickers are not missing from the collection.

congratulations stickers for cards starform
starform stickers christmas
hobby stickers starform
starform outline stickers

Starform text stickers for cards

You know them, the timeless congratulations stickers on homemade cards. Meanwhile, Starform's collection of text stickers has expanded to hundreds of stickers. Give your homemade card an extra shine and personal message with the text stickers from Starform.
The Starform stickers are high quality, stick to various surfaces and are easy to remove from the sticker sheet.

Starform outline stickers

These gold and silver contour stickers are used for decorating greeting cards, photo albums, candlesticks, tableware and Christmas decorations, among other things.
This involves various techniques such as colouring, inlaying and cutting out.
The collection includes images for all kinds of occasions: birth, marriage, death, communion, Christmas, St Nicholas, Easter and many more. 
Of course, different corners and edges are also available to finish your creations.
Make the outline stickers even more personal by colouring them yourself.

Starform transparent stickers

Starform Transparent Stickers (10×23 cm) consist of transparent adhesive foil with a print of gold or silver foil.
The sticker collection includes various images, texts and geometric shapes.

Because the material is transparent, the sticker takes on the colour of any background.
So you can vary endlessly with backgrounds in different colours and patterns.

Starform Stitch Design

The Starform Transparent Stickers product group also includes the Starform Stitch Design embroidery stickers (10×23 cm).
These transparent stickers are printed with original patterns that can be embroidered in different ways.

Working method embroidery stickers:

  1. Stick the sticker on coloured paper.
  2. Pierce the holes in the embroidery pattern.
  3. Stick the embroidery thread on the back.
  4. Embroider the pattern with the desired stitches and colours.
  5. Cut out the embroidered sticker all around.


XL Transparent stickers

Starform XL Transparent Stickers (20×23 cm) are twice the size of Starform Transparent Stickers. These stickers also consist of a transparent adhesive plastic with a print of gold or silver foil. As the stickers are transparent, they take on the colour of any background. The collection includes geometric shapes, labels, puzzle pieces, numbers, letters and fashion. The larger designs are perfect for hobbies such as scrapbooking and home decoration.

Which stickers from Starform does KippersHobby have in its range?

Sticker sheets

Starform outline stickers

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