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Viva Decor

Viva Decor: hobby paint, paste and modelling clay

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Looking for a good hobby paint, paste or clay? Viva Decor has it all!
Viva Decor is an owner-managed German family company that develops high-level creative hobby paints, pastes and modelling clays. Most of these creative hobby articles are made in Germany. To meet the requirements and wishes of the creative and hobby industry, Viva Decor is always on the lookout for the latest trends. These trendy hobby products can be realised quickly thanks to development in their own laboratory.
Characterising their decorative products are natural ingredients such as beeswax for an eco-friendly collection.

Image of concrete for creative
Image of Inka Gold elaboration Viva Decor
Image Maya Gold eggs elaboration Viva Decor
blob paint viva decor

Product information on Viva Decor hobby paint and paste

blob paint layers viva decor

What is Blob paint (paint)?

Blob paint is a paint that allows you to create 3D dots. Placing several dots on top of each other creates even more depth. Blob paint images often have a colourful and playful character. 3D Blob paint has a high colour intensity and is water-based.

Before you start: shake well before use! Hold the tip of the bottle vertically over a flat lying surface and press the paint out of the bottle until the desired blob size (dot size) is reached. Let the dots dry for 24 hours before applying another layer. 

Watch the Blob painting video below to get a good impression of the Blob painting technique.

Viva Decor Blobpaint set

Viva Decor Blobpaint is available both in set and separately. The Blobpaint bottles come in 2 sizes: 90 ml and 180 ml.

Viva Decor: Pouring - All in One 

Ready-to-use pouring medium-acrylic paint mixture for all common pouring techniques. Available in 18 individual colours and in 3 sets. Due to the optimum mixing ratio of the medium and the pouring paint, excellent flowability is achieved.

  • water-based
  • dries brilliantly
  • ready-mixed and ready-to-use
  • flexible surface
  • shake well before use

Viva Decor has put together 3 beautiful sets of pouring paint: Pouring All-in-One 'Sea Love', Pouring All-in-One 'Rose Dream' and Pouring All-in-One 'Color Fantasy'.


What concrete do you use for crafting?

For crafting with concrete, use creative hobby concrete. KippersHobby has both casting concrete powder (Beton für Kreative from Viva Decor) and kneading concrete powder (Beton zum Kneten from Viva Decor) in its range.

The properties of creative in-situ concrete are:
Grey cement powder for easy pouring of decorative objects yourself. The fine-grained, quick-drying and low-dust casting concrete powder only needs to be mixed with water. Thanks to the special plastic finish and fibre reinforcement, the concrete is excellent for processing into all conceivable shapes, especially thin-walled objects.
- Weather- and frost-resistant
- Suitable for plastic moulds, papier-mâché moulds, silicone moulds and wooden moulds

The properties of ductile concrete are:
Beton zum Kneten from Viva Decor is a powder, which diluted with water becomes a firm but easily mouldable clay. 
Not to be confused with the Cast Concrete, which diluted with water becomes a casting compound. The Beton zum Kneten dries and hardens in the air.

Idea to make with concrete

In this video, Elly shows how to make your own plant divider from hobby concrete. She uses cast concrete Beton für Kreative from Viva Decor for this purpose.

Craft idea with Inka gold and stamps from Viva Decor

How to make your own clay pendant.

Watch the video above or the step-by-step plan below to make your own clay pendant. 

Supplies for making a clay pendant:

  • Creative hobby casting concrete (Beton für Kreative by Viva Decor)
  • Self-drying clay (Do & Dry from Creall)
  • Skewers
  • Round die cuts or other round objects
  • Hobby knife
  • Clay roller
  • Clear stamps (Viva Decor)
  • Stamping ink (Versamagic or Memento by Tsukineko)
  • Stamp paint (3D Stempelfarbe by Viva Decor) or acrylic paint (Acrylfarbe by Viva Decor)
  • Metallic paint or Metallic wax (Inka Gold from Viva Decor)

How do you make a pendant out of clay?

  • Knead the Do & Dry clay and roll it out with a clay roller.
  • Cut circles with a knife (e.g. use a round die-cutting template to follow the contours).
  • Make a hole in the circle with a skewer (for use as a pendant).
  • Technique 1 (embossed): Stamp the clay without curing, using Versamagic or Memento Tsukineko ink.
  • Technique 2 (dry clay): Stamp the hardened clay with 3D Stampelfarbe, acrylic paint from Viva Decor, Memento ink or Versamagic ink from Tsukineko.
  • Technique 3 (embossed): Stamp the clay without curing, let it dry completely and then rub it with Viva Decor's Inka Gold.

For stamping with acrylic paint, use a piece of felt as a stamp pad. 
Apply a blob of paint to a plate, place a piece of felt (1mm) on this, stamp over this with a stamp just long enough for the paint to come through. When your stamp is loaded, you can stamp on all kinds of materials such as clay, paper, wood, etc.

How to make a photo on wood?

To print a photo on wood, use a photo transfer mediumBesides printing on wood, you can also use another substrate such as canvas. In the video below, we show you how to use photo transfer medium from Viva Decor easily print your own photo on wood or, in this case, canvas.

inka gold viva decor gold hobby paint

What is Inka Gold?

Inka Gold by Viva Decor is not a metallic paint but an easy-to-apply wax paste with an elegant metallic sheen.
Particularly suitable for absorbent substrates such as paper, untreated wood, cardboard and unglazed earthenware. 

  • water-based
  • dries while polishing

Inka-Gold application

Apply Inka-Gold thinly with a sponge in a circular, polishing, motion.
In several thin layers according to the colour intensity to be obtained.

Important to improve shelf life

Do not use Inka-Gold directly from the jar.
Preferably, remove the amount to be used from the jar with a clean palette knife.

maya gold viva decor gold hobby paint

What is Maya Gold?

Maya Gold by Viva Decor is a semi-fluid paint for obtaining a high satin gloss effect. This metallic paint is water-based and is available in 45 and 250 ml pots. Maya Gold is known for beautiful intense paint colours. 

Specific properties of Maya Gold

  • impact-resistant 
  • quick-drying 
  • mutually miscible 
  • high pigmentation 
  • smudge-proof 
  • weatherproof 
  • for all substrates 

Instructions for use Maya Gold

  • Stir well before use! 
  • Apply in two layers with a soft, flat brush or with a soft sponge. 
  • Apply first coat thinly and let dry, then the second and also opaque coat.
Image of Glanzzeit Viva Decor

What is Glanzzeit?

Glanzzeit by Viva Decor is a metallic paint with a very brilliant metallic sheen.
This paint is available in a set of six paint colours in a 30ml jar.
The jars look like jam jars which also makes it a nice creative gift idea.
Glanzzeit creates individually finished unique pieces with a personal touch.

Operating instructions Glanzzeit

Viva Decor's metallic paint Glanzzeit is very easy to use.
Apply the soft sheen of Glanzzeit with a sponge. Brush again briefly and the dainty colours will sparkle. Apply - polish - done!

Which Viva Decor products does KippersHobby have in its range?


Hobby paint

Hobby pasta

Paper hobby materials

Other hobby mediums

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