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WOW Embossing

WOW: Embossing glitters, embossing powders and flocks

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WOW embossing glitters and powders are products from the UK-based manufacturer of the WOW!
WOW is known for an impressive number of species WOW embossing powders, WOW glitters and flocks.
Embossing gives your stamp print a 3D texture. For this result you use special slow-drying WOW embossing ink in combination with the WOW embossing heat gun. WOW embossing ink can be refilled with the refill tool. In addition to embossing powder, you can use metallic foil (Fab foils) also create a luxurious sheen. Here you do have bonding powder for it. The loose glitter is also called WOW Sparkles called. To emboss, the WOW Sparkles can be used in combination with WOW embossing powder. WOW embossing powder is mostly supplied in 15 ml jars. 
The embossing powders from WOW are also available in attractive combined trio sets.

WOW embossing card making
card making butterfly embossing wow Ukraine
Embossing heatgun heat tool wow
wow embossing card gold

Free download: WOW Embossing glitter colour chart

For a total overview of all Wow embossing powders, glitters, flocks and accessories, a free colour chart is available.

Heat embossing

In this video, you can clearly see the magic of heat embossing.
The embossing powder melts into a smooth shiny layer.

Play Video about overlay video

WOW embossing trio sets

This video shows a demonstration of different WOW embossing trio sets.

What is embossing powder?

Embossing powder gives your DIY project a luxurious look by creating a mostly shiny 3D texture on your stamp impression. This technique is also called heat embossing. Embossing powder can be used on various substrates such as paper or wood.

Clear powders are available in a gloss (shiny), semi dull (medium matte) and matt dull (very matte) finish. These clear powders let the colour of the background shine through completely. So they are also useful when working with a coloured pigment ink.

Explanation codes of WOW! Embossing powder

  • Regular (R) Standard - The R stands for the standard grain size. These grains are great for heat embossing.
  • Superfine (SF) Superfine - This powder has a very fine grain, especially for embossing details. The embossing does become less thick with this powder.
  • Ultra High (UH) Ultra High - This powder is very coarse. Especially for embossing large areas or multiple layers on top of each other for an extra thick result. This powder is also suitable for crackle.
  • Mixed Particle Size (X) - mix of the above types and applications.
  • Braille (B) - This powder gives exactly the right height for Braille.
Translucent powders

  • Translucent (T) Translucent - These powders are translucent. The substrate is partly visible and may affect the colour. 
  • Opaque (O) Opaque - These powders are opaque. As a result, the substrate is not visible and does not affect the colour.
  • Marbling (M) Marbling - these powders have a white base mixed other colours for a marble effect. Especially for melting and casting embossing powder.

Wedding, Valentine's or Mother's Day gift DIY

Want to make your own home decorations? Or personalised gifts for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or for a wedding. KippersHobby has a wide range of creative hobby materials with which you can make your own fun things like interior accessories.
In the video below, we show you how to create unique gift diy's using WOW's embossing powders.

Metallic foils - WOW Fab foils

WOW freestyle tool / embossing inkpad refill

WOW embossing pen

WOW embossing melted powder

WOW embossing brush

How do I make my paper less static?

You know the drill, glitter that sticks everywhere. This is because your paper is static. With the Anti static tool from Nellie's Choice, this is a thing of the past.
This antistatic powder pouch you use before starting heat-embossed, to prevent embossing powder from sticking anywhere on your surface. Use the pouch along foam tape/strips or other sticky surfaces to get rid of stickiness, for example the side of your shaker card, where otherwise the sequins will stick.
For plastic film bags, this tool is also ideal.

Can I emboss with WOW Sparkles?

Note! No you cannot emboss with WOW Sparkles.
Use WOW Sparkles on double-sided adhesive foil or in transparent drying glue.
When WOW Sparkles are mixed with a WOW embossing powder, embossing is possible.

Which WOW embossing glitter products does KippersHobby have in its range?

Embossing powders


Embossing tool

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