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KippersHobby spotted in HobbyHandig 236

HobbyHandig 236 - making your own paper

This edition of HobbyHandig is full of upcycling and gardening ideas. In this edition, KippersHobby shows you how to make your own paper!

Making your own paper

In six steps, we explain how to make your own paper. Prefer to watch a video?
In the video below from Stafil is to see how to make your own paper step-by-step.

  1. Week the pulp sheets in water.
  2. Break up the pulp with a hand blender. If the mixture is too solid, add a little warm water.
  3. Fill half a tub with water, stir the pulp into this, wait until the pulp floats to the surface. The more pulp there is, the thicker the paper will become.
  4. Dip the frame vertically into the paper pulp, lift it horizontally, and let it drain. As desired, sprinkle with glitter or dried flowers.
  5. Place the mould on the paper pulp in the frame and drain the water. Turn it over and place it on a towel or felt mat. Remove the paper from the frame.
  6. Press the paper flat using a heavy object.

Paper sieve

To scoop paper yourself, you need a paper strainer. Also called paper scooping frame or paper mould.

Paper pulp sheets

When you start making your own paper, you tear the paper sheets made from plant fibres (cellulose) into small pieces. Soak these well or blend with a hand blender to a paper pulp.

Dry flowers

The great thing about making your own paper is that you can add, for example, dried flowers, seeds or glitter to the paper as you wish.

Natural paper with dried flowers

In the range of Ursus can also be found ready-made natural paper with dried flowers incorporated.

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