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Multi Pin Loom spotted in HobbyHandig 237

hobby handy 237

Have you seen the Multi-Pin-Loom of Stafil Spotted in HobbyHandig 237 yet?
This Crafts Special 2022 is packed with inspiration and techniques in crafting. Besides crochet, the craft hobbies of knitting, macramé, embroidery, quilting and punching are also featured.

hobby handy 237 cushion crochet pin loom
hobby handy 237

Want to win a multi Pin Loom?

multi pin loom stafil

What is a Multi Pin Loom?

The Multi Pin Loom from Stafil is versatile due to its attachable wooden pegs, making it ideal for weaving Granny Squares in various sizes and shapes. In addition to making Granny Squares it is also possible to make pom-poms and bows.

The Multi Pin Loom is made of wood in a size of 30×30 cm. With this tool, you can weave squares of 6×6 cm up to a maximum of 26.5×26.5 cm.
All kinds of yarn are suitable with a needle thickness of 1 to 8.
An instruction is attached explaining all the basic steps with pictures for making Granny Squares, pom-poms and bows.
Videos explaining various techniques are also available below.

What yarn do I use for the Multi Pin Loom?

Any yarn with a needle thickness of 1 to 8 is suitable. We recommend for weaving Granny Squares merino wool from Stafil.
In addition to several types of yarn, Stafil also includes fabrics such as tulle in its range for making pom-poms.

For making bows, we recommend our extensive ribbon collection of Vivant.

Merino wool
Did you know that merino wool does not sting? And it is a very suitable type of wool for summer!
This natural type of wool adapts and actually provides cooling in summer and warmth in winter.
Our merino yarn is made from 100% merino wool. 50 grams per ball with a running length of 125 metres.
Knitting and crochet hook Nos 4-4.5 are suitable.

merino wool yarn stafil purple
merino wool yarn stafil blue
merino wool yarn stafil grey
merino wool yarn stafil orange

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multi pin loom stafil crochet weaving

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