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DIY wooden bunny decorating

Easter bunnies

Countdown to Easter!

How cute are these wooden bunnies!

Easter bunnies


  • Wooden bunnies: small no: 40127, large no: 40126
  • Paint:
    - White: Deco Art home décor White no. 26401 / ABM Arcylic Paint 44415, Lace Essentials no.1
    - Soft yellow: Jo Sonja's Naples Yellow no. 97599 / ABM Arcylic Paint 44432, Tuscan Essentials no.17
    - Beige: Jo Sonja's no. 97029 (lighten slightly with white) / ABM Arcylic Paint 44433, Sand Essentials no.18
    - Dark brown: Jo Sonja's Burnt Umber no. 57007 / ABM Arcylic Paint 44431, Tabacco Essentials no.16
    - Black: Jo Sonja's Carbon Black no. 57011 / ABM Arcylic Paint 44416, Pitch Essentials no.2        
    - Pink: mix a little with white or red
    - Flow Medium: Jo Sonja's No 58607 or 583707
  • Bottle (perfume), iron wire, button, brushes, pencil, hair dryer.
  • gloves

Working method

  • Paint the bunnies all white first.
  • Using a pencil, draw the lines of the packet. The inside of the ears will be a soft pink.
  • Colour the rabbit soft yellow. Later, shade a little with beige thinned with Flow Medium.
  • Paint the shorts and dress beige.
  • On the dry beige paint, paint white petals with a small round brush (with a little Flow medium, it goes smoother) and some dots.
  • Give each flower a small brown heart. A small white stitching along the edge also looks nice.
  • Make with black bead eyes and a black nose. Drill holes for the iron whiskers and for attaching the bottle.
  • With a few flowers, they look nice on the Easter table. Have fun!

    Lots of DIY fun!

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