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Tsukineko: stamping ink, ink pads and more stamping materials

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Japanese brand Tsukineko has been offering high-quality Tsukineko stamping ink and stamp pads for various hobby applications.
Such as scrapbooking, stamping on paper or metal and plastic substrates.

Within Tsukineko's range, brands include Versamark, Versafine Clair, Versamagic, Versacraft, StazOn and VersaFine. 
Each brand with its own unique application and appearance, KippersHobby has included all these high-quality stamping inks in its range.

Image of two cards made with stamps and ink
Image of stenciling with stamping ink tools paper hobby
Image of a two notebooks with a mandala stamp
Image of Versamagic stamping ink

What is the difference between dye ink and pigment ink?

The difference between dye ink and pigment ink is a difference in substance.
Dye ink is based on dye dissolved in a liquid. Pigment ink instead consists of very fine dye particles in a liquid carrier.
Both stamping inks have their own properties and qualities that make them more or less suitable for a specific technique.
The properties of dye ink are different from the properties of pigment ink, this difference makes it more or less suitable for specific stamping techniques.

Properties of dye ink

  • Dye ink is thin and transparent
  • Dye ink dries quickly
  • Dye ink absorbs into paper, making it less visible on dark paper
  • Dye ink is not suitable for heat embossing
  • The pad of that ink is made of sturdy felt or foam
  • Dye ink is often water-based and can bleed out after getting wet again
  • Dye ink is suitable for porous substrates (such as paper, textiles and wood)
  • The colour of dye ink is usually slightly darker than the colour of the stamp impression
  • It is a bit harder to see if the stamp is properly inked
  • Dye ink is very suitable for detailed stamps

Properties of pigment ink

  • Pigment ink is thick and opaque
  • Pigment dries slowly
  • Pigment is suitable for heat embossing
  • Most pigment ink pads are made of foam
  • The colour of the ink matches the colour of the stamp impression
  • Pigment ink is more visible on paper because the ink lies more on the paper, this keeps the colours bright
  • Pigment ink often has a higher pigment content

Free download: Tsukineko stamping ink colour chart

For a complete overview of all Tsukineko stamping inks, download our free brochure and hand it to your customers.

KippersHobby has the following Tsukineko dye stamping ink in its range

Image of Memento ink

Memento ink

Memento is a Dye ink, a quick-drying ink that does not fade with good coverage. The ink can also be used on glossy paper. The stamp pad has a sturdy felt base with a tightly woven fabric top, which does not fray when used directly on paper. It is a water-based ink which makes it suitable for colouring images with water and a brush.

Image of Stazon ink

Stazon ink

Stazon ink is a solvent-based ink, which means it is not water-soluble, also it is colourfast, waterproof and scratch-resistant. The ink has been specially developed to be used on semi-porous and non-porous substrates. Metal, Shrink plastic, plastic sheet, aluminium foil, leather and glass are no problem for this versatile ink. The ink can be easily removed with the special Stazon Cleaner. The metallic versions of the Stazon ink contain an ink that is quite thick, somewhat viscous. These stamp boxes come uninked in a package with an inker and a mini Squeegee. Apply the ink with a few drops, not too many as the ink needs some time to soak into the stamp pad. Spread the ink over the pad with the Squeegee.

KippersHobby has the following Tsukineko pigment stamping ink in its range

Image of versamagic ink

Versamagic ink

Versamagic is a chalk pigment ink that dries on all types of cardstock including dark colours. A soft, opaque, chalky look without giving off a powdery appearance just like chalk.
With beautiful pastel colours and earth tones that give a matt look, this is a perfect ink for stamping techniques, processing with mask stencils and for direct use on paper. They are available in large format, dew drops and inkers.

Image of Brilliance ink

Brilliance ink

Brilliance Dew Drops inks provide a rich palette of beautiful bright primary colours to pearlescent and rich metallic colours. In a compact design with a handy narrow tapered side, to a rounded wider side. All pads can be set down separately, but are also stackable.

Image of Delicata ink

Delicata ink

Delicata is a metallic gold or silver ink that does not dull or lose its shine. Beautiful metallic results without embossing. Paper can be coloured with Delicata ink and is waterproof. To get the best shine, air-dry, not with a heat tool.

Image of Versamark ink

Versamark ink

Versamark is a special somewhat sticky-tasting colourless ink that is perfect for use in combination with embossing powder and a heat tool. In combination with embossing powder, it can also be used on lots of paper. Chalk also adheres to Versamark, apply it with a dauber to colour in an image. It can also be used to create a watermark effect, stamp on paper and the ink dries a shade darker, for a beautiful subtle background. As Dye ink does not adhere to Versamark, it can be used for resist techniques with a brayer, for example. Versamark is available in a large and small version.

Image of Versafine ink

Versafine ink

Versafine ink is an exception among Pigment inks, the ink pad is made of firm felt with a layer of fabric on top instead of spongy. This is due to the composition of the ink and because the ink is oil-based. Versafine is very suitable for stamping very fine details on matt and untreated paper and dries very quickly. This ink does not run when colouring with markers and watercolour techniques. Due to this unique composition of this ink, it lasts 3-5 times longer than other inkpads, making inkers unnecessary. The flip-top lid can be folded under the inkpad for easy inking.

Image of Versacolor ink


The VersaColor series consists of beautifully matched water-based colours. VersaColor ink is slower-drying and more opaque than a dye-ink; because it dries more slowly, it is ideal for embossing. The inkpads have a raised surface that makes even the largest stamps easy to use.

Image by Versacraft


An ink suitable for use on porous substrates and specially developed for use on textiles and leather. Due to its drying time, it is also suitable for heat embossing, even on smooth papers. Ink is water-based, slow-drying and a versatile ink. Especially suitable for use on porous surfaces, such as fabric, leather, and wood. Also suitable for non-porous materials such as: paper and porcelain. Please note: loss of detail may occur on paper. When stamping on fabric, it is recommended to wash the fabric first. The print can be permanently fixed by ironing.

Image of All-purpose ink

All-purpose ink

All-Purpose ink is a concentrated liquid pigment ink. This ink is water-based, permanent and acid-free. Suitable for all porous surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood and leather. This ink is suitable for painting, airbrushing, stenciling or (tie)dyeing. Retains fabric softness after dyeing, and is permanent after ironing. Available in a wide range of colours, including six metallic colours.

Image of Fabrico marker


Fabrico markers are ideal for natural fabrics such as cotton, tea towels and other naturally porous surfaces. The ink is permanent after washing and preserves the softness of the fabric. These markers have a brush tip on one side for colouring. The other side features a firm fine tip for drawing smaller details.

Water-based stamping ink

What is water-based ink?
Water-based ink is ink dissolved in water which is absorbed into the paper. The following ink types are water-based:

- Tsukineko Versamark
- Tsukineko Memento
- Tsukineko Delicata
- Tsukineko Versamagic
- Tsukineko Versacolor
- Tsukineko Versacraft
- Tsukineko Fabrico markers
- Tsukineko all-purpose ink
- Tsukineko Encore ink

Oil-based stamping ink

What is oil-based ink?
The name suggests; oil-based ink is ink dissolved in oil. The unique composition of this ink makes it last 3-5 times longer.
Versafine ink is an exception among Pigment inks and is oil-based.

- Tsukineko Versafine

Solvent-based stamping ink

What is solvent-based ink?
Solvent-based ink is also known as solvent ink. Solvent ink is often alcohol-based. While this ink works on paper, it is made for stamping on non-porous, smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic and metal. The disadvantage of this ink is that the colour sticks to the stamp and can then only really be cleaned with stamp cleaner.

- Tsukineko Stazon
- Tsukineko Brilliance

How do I clean my stamps?

Want to enjoy your stamps for as long as possible? Then it is important to maintain them properly.
Most stamps are easy to clean, just do this immediately after use and not after the ink has dried.
You remove the excess ink by printing them on paper after use until the stamp no longer gives off ink.
Then clean the stamp with a damp cloth, baby wipes are also very suitable.
Caution! Wooden stamps should not be held under water. Then the stamp can detach from the wood.

Want to clean stamps properly? Clean your stamp well with a stamp cleaner after use.
Only if you use special inks, such as permanent or solvent-based inks, will you need a solvent or a specific cleaning product.
Tsukineko stamp Cleaner is suitable for all kinds of stamps and inks, both water- and solvent-based.

Which Tuskineko stamping ink and tools does Kippers Hobby have in its range?

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