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Wholesale brushes

At wholesaler KippersHobby you will find many types of brushes in the collection, in sets or to be ordered separately. They come in various sizes and are made of high-quality material. Especially suitable for painting, modeling, gluing or making mixed media creations.   

Brushes for acrylic paint

Synthetic bristles are mainly suitable for oil and acrylic paints. Firm, flexible and resilient. In general, these brushes take less water and moisture than watercolor brushes.
They are easy to clean.

At KippersHobby various synthetic brushes are available from the collection of the brands: Viva Decor, Hobby & Crafting Fun, Kolinsky, Colop, Nellies Choice, StudioLight, Collal, Faber Castell and of our own brand.

paint brushes
brushes acrylic round

< Acrylic paint, synthetic round
                           Acrylic paint, synthetic flat >


brushes acrylic flat

Brushes for watercolors (water colors)

These brushes are great for working with watercolors. They hold moisture well, work great with watercolor pencils and water soluble paints. Out of red sable hair or brush hair made of high quality synthetic hair and wooden handle.
Also ideal for glazing, wet-in-wet and dry brush technique (granulation).

watercolor painting
watercolor artwork
watercolor brush
watercolor brush
watercolor brush
brushes watercolor

Brushes general

Universal series of brushes for acrylic paints, watercolors, inks and dyes. Features synthetic bristles.

brushes atmosphere photo

Within the assortment of wholesaler KippersHobby you will find the following brushes, among others: 'Angle Shader', 'Color Comb', 'Bristle Basecoaster', 'Chisel Blender', 'Dagger Striper', 'Deerfoot', 'Mop', 'Fan', 'Filbert', 'Spalter', 'Spotter', 'Script Liner', 'Round', 'Flat' and 'Flat Wash'.

Each type of brush has its own characteristics and application possibilities.
For a complete overview you can here download a handy pdf.

Textile brushes 

Special brushes have been developed for applying paint or ink to textiles. These are available in various sizes and shapes at KippersHobby.

brush textile fan
textile flat brush
textile brushes flat
textile brushes round

Stenciling brushes 

Made of hog bristle, these bristles are hard and stay in shape while working with stencils. A synthetic version is also available. In different sizes and also available in sets.

brushes textile stenciling loose


brushes textile stenciling
brushes textile stenciling set
synthetic stencil brush


varnish lacquer brushes

< Varnish brushes

Wide flat brushes for handling lacquers and varnishes. For painting, priming and varnishing large areas.

glue brushes

< Glue brushes

Brushes from Collal For applying glue, of hog bristle.

Modeling brushes 

High quality brushes with rubber moldings. Specially designed for modeling. Available in different shapes and sizes. 

modeling brushes carver
carver brushes
modeling brushes
modeling brushes

Sponge/foam brushes 

These brushes are ideal for various applications because the sponge material gives a nice even paint distribution. This makes these brushes suitable for scrapbooking, stamping or working with watercolors - watercolors.

sponge brush
sponge brush large
sponge brush set

Brushes overview

We have listed all the brushes for you in a complete overview.
The pdf is here download.

gouache painting